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What are some ways to care for your makeup brushes


Makeup brushes are an essential tool for every woman's makeup application, but many people don't know how to properly care for them after using them. As a matter of fact, regular maintenance of makeup brushes not only prolongs their life, but also ensures their hygiene and makeup effect. Below I will introduce some common ways to maintain makeup brushes.

1. Regular cleaning:

Makeup brushes will accumulate cosmetics, dirt and sebum and other substances during use. In order to keep the bristles clean and soft, it is recommended to clean your makeup brushes every one to two weeks. To clean, first wet the bristles with warm water, and then optionally use a special makeup brush cleaner or a mild cleanser. Gently apply the cleaner or cleanser to the bristles and massage the bristles with your fingers to fully dissolve the makeup adhering to the bristles. Next, rinse the bristles with water until all of the cleaner or cleanser is removed. Finally, dry the bristles by pressing them lightly with a paper towel, then lay them flat to dry naturally.

2. Avoid soaking:

When cleaning makeup brushes, remember not to fully immerse the brushes in water. The bond between the bristles and the brush handle is the place where makeup brushes are most prone to loosening and deformation, and prolonged immersion will cause the bristles to fall off and affect the life of the brush. Therefore, avoid soaking the entire brush in detergent or water, gently rub the detergent into the bristles and then wash it with water.


3. Avoid deformation of the bristles:

The softness of the bristles of makeup brushes is very important to the makeup effect. Therefore, after cleaning, you need to lay the bristles flat to dry, and avoid drying them directly under the sun or using a hairdryer. If you don't use a special makeup brush holder, you can gather the bristles together and then hold them in a clip to hang the bristles to dry. This prevents the bristles from losing their shape and restores them to their original form.

4. Secondary cleaning:

Sometimes makeup brushes need to be cleaned a second time during use because cosmetics are harder to clean. After the first cleaning, if the surface of the bristles is still residual cosmetics or dirt, you can again take the appropriate amount of detergent or cleanser, gently apply to the bristles, and then rinse with water.

5. Sterilize regularly:

In order to ensure the hygiene of makeup brushes, it is recommended that makeup brushes be thoroughly sterilized every three months. The method of sterilization can be chosen according to individual needs. A simple method of disinfection is to soak makeup brushes in alcohol and wait for the alcohol to evaporate. You can also use a special makeup brush sanitizer to sanitize, following the instructions. Note that it is important to make sure that the bristles are dry before sterilizing so as not to damage the texture of the bristles.